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[Logo: Aachen Collquium 2024]

7. – 9. Oktober 2024

October 7th – 9th, 2024

Terms of the Exhibition

General Terms and Conditions of the Exhibition

Updated: November 2023

1. Terms of registration

To apply for participation at the exhibition, the official registration form available on the event website has to be sent to the organizer of the event. This form has to be completely filled out and confirmed with legally binding effect. With sending the exhibition form the exhibitor accepts the general terms of the exhibition. In case of contravention the organizer reserves the right to exclude exhibitors from future exhibitions.

2. Rent of exhibition space

The exhibitor receives a confirmation of receipt after sending his registration. The final confirmation of registration and distribution of the exhibition space will be done by the organizer in April ofthe event year. Due to limited space at the Eurogress Aachen, a stand cannot be guaranteed. The stand space will be allocated by the organizer after the end of registration on March 31st of each year. There will be no prioritization based on the receipt. A participation in earlier years does not guarantee a stand in the current year.  For assigning exhibiting rights to a third party, a written authorization from the organizer is necessary.

3. Booth layout

The organizer has defined the conditions of booth layout and design in co-operation with the project partner „mPlus Messebau GmbH“. The assigned booth has to be adapted to the local construction regulations in front, depth and height. The exhibitor is obligated to keep these conditions. The exhibitor has to bear all costs of additional fittings and equipment, which have to be arranged with mPlus Messebau GmbH.
The following terms and conditions have to be noticed
• All booth construction plans have to be send (by e-mail) at the last until the beginning of September in the event year to mPlus Messebau GmbH
• Booths should have mostly open or transparent side panels / body parts
• Platform constructions must have lowered edges
• The standard design height is 250 cm. Depending on the booth location differin heights are possible after consultation with mPlus Messebau GmbH
• The specifie schedule for assembly and disassembly has to be followed strictly

4. Exhibition goods

All exhibition goods (e.g. vehicles) have to be listed in the registration form or have to be announced to the organizer by March 31st in the event year. Admissions given at previous events do not automatically guarantee admission for this event. The organizer is authorized to cancel the admission, if it has been given based on wrong data or admission requirements.

5. Liability and insurance

The organizer cannot be held liable for any damages, losses, etc. of the exhibitor‘s own or rented goods or injuries of persons caused during the exhibition, assembly and disassembly of the booth or during transportation to or from the exhibition ground, not even if these damages or losses are not caused by the exhibitor or their assistants. Therefore, it is recommended to take out insurance for the insurable risks such as fire, theft, water and weather damages, damages, etc., including the risk of transportation of exhibition goods. The exhibitor shall be liable for any damage done to the building and/or the furniture (for example adhesive residues). It is not allowed to drill or nail into walls, ceilings or floors.

6. Liquidation of contract

Registered companies, which have received a written confirmation, can withdraw from the contract free of charge until May 31st in the event year. After this date, the exhibitor owes 35% of the total rent, independent from a proof of loss from the organizer. After July 1st in the event year, the exhibitor owes the total amount of the rent, independent from a proof of loss from the organizer. The event will be held according to the type and scope as described in the respective valid event programme. In exceptional cases, the organizer reserves the right to change speakers and to make changes to the programme while maintaining the overall character of the event. The organizer is entitled to cancel the event for reasons for which neither it nor the participant is responsible, such as the absence of speakers due to illness or cases of force majeure as well as official or legal prohibitions or restrictions in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. This also applies if, due to applicable hygiene regulations, the required minimum distances at the venue cannot be maintained. The organizer will endeavour to inform participants of the cancellation as early as possible. In addition, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the event if a minimum number of participants or exhibitors is not reached. If the organizer cancels the event, it is only obliged to refund the participation fees already paid. A claim for reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs and loss of earnings is excluded. If the organizer decides to hold the event as a digital event in connection with the coronavirus pandemic and associated official or statutory bans or restrictions, or on the basis of recommendations by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the European Center for Disease Prevention (ECDC) or the World Health Organisation (WHO) to protect the health of employees, participants, exhibitors or other event participants, it will inform the participant of this without delay and at the same time notify him of the new scope of services and the adjusted participation fee. In this case, the participant shall have a special right of termination, which he must exercise within 14 days of receipt of the notification by the organizer or, if less than 14 days remain from the notification by the organizer until the start of the event, until the start of the event. If the participant does not exercise the special right of termination in text form (e.g. e-mail, letter, fax) in due time, the contractual relationship shall continue to exist with the changed conditions. If the participant has already paid his participation fee, the organizer shall refund any difference to the adjusted participation fee. The organizer shall also be entitled to the above right if the statutory or official requirements in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, which are linked to the holding of the event, involve disproportionate expense or are incompatible with the nature of the event. In this case, the above shall apply. The participant shall not be entitled to any claims for expenses or damages as a result of exercising his/her special right of termination or holding the event as a digital event instead of a face-to-face event.

7. Additional charges

Power consumption, power basic charge, cleaning, transportation, communication and waste disposal fee will be charged separately (order forms by MPlus Messebau GmbH). Invoices for power consumption, power basic charge, cleaning, communication and waste disposal are issued by MPlus Messebau GmbH. The general waste disposal fee (to be paid by every exhibitor) depends on the booth size:

Up to 10 m²: 3,00 €/m²
11 – 25 m²: 2,80 €/m²
26 – 40 m²: 2,60 €/m²
41 – 60 m² 2,40 €/m²
61 – 80 m²: 2,20 €/m²
81 – 100 m²: 2,00 €/m²
Invoice for transportation is issued by Schenker AG.

8. Terms of payment

The exhibitor is obligated to pay the total amount of the rent within 14 days after date of invoice. The organizer is authorised to refuse admittance to the exhibition, if the total amount has not or only partly been paid within the deadline. With delay of payment, interest on arrears with a value of 2% over the respective base rate of the Federal Bank of Germany will be charged.

9. Registration of booth supervisors

The registration of free of charge booth supervisors included in the exhibition booking needs to be submitted until September 1st in the event year. After this date, booth supervisor registrations can only be accepted if the limit of maximum participants for the event is not reached yet. Moreover, booth supervisor registrations received after September 1st are charged with a fee of 50 € (plus VAT) due to exceeding the deadline. The number of booth supervisors depends on the size of the booked exhibition area:
up to 50 m² = 2 booth supervisors
from 50 m² = 3 booth supervisors
extraordinary stand area of up to 10 m² = 1 booth supervisor


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